About Me


Hey ya'll! My name’s Yolanda Williams and I’m the woman behind Parenting Decolonized. As a single mom, racial justice educator, and Positive Discipline Coach, I empower parents with tools to decolonize their mindsets and divest from white supremacy in order to raise the next generation of emotionally-well, liberated, free-thinkers and in the process, form deeper more intentional relationships with their children. 

I am an unapologetically dedicated to serving the black parenting community, to celebrating our culture and beauty as often as I can, and to helping actors become accomplices in the fight for intersectional racial justice.

I started this work after having my first child at 37 years old and learning as much as I could about children and their brain development in 2017. I mean, I studied like I was taking the SAT’s ya’ll. I knew I wanted to raise my daughter in a completely different environment than I was raised and I knew I wanted to raise her in a non-violent household…I just didn’t have the tools. I soon learned that even with the tools, my whole mindset needed to shift.

I had to figure out how to kill the colonizer in my head and reparent myself in order to unlearn the toxic messages of my youth. Suffice it to say, it was uncomfortable and sometimes painful AF…as self-reflection usually is. And I’m still not done. As my daughter grows, and as we work together to co-create our relationship, I’ll continue to unpack my baggage; for showing up as my authentic self is the best gift I can give her, while at the same time, working with accomplices to dismantle systemic oppression comes in a close second. 

It’s time to get comfortable with your discomfort fam. It’s time to heal from our traumatic childhoods and face the ugliness of this world from a place of power, instead of a place of fear and shame. From growing up in a toxic environment, burning out from my corporate marketing career, surviving an ectopic pregnancy and enduring the omnipresent onslaught of white supremacy, I’ve been through some shit, faced my shadows and made it out the other side. I’m still flawed, but I’m braver, I am bolder, and my voice is louder. I’m ready to slay these demons of intergenerational trauma, systemic racism, and internalized oppression and I’m ready to help you or your business do the same. 

I curate critical candid conversations about race, social justice, and parenting with authenticity, truth, and compassion and help people find tangible tools to create personal and collective transformation through my podcast, workshops, webinars, and writings. Let me help you get your mind right like our lives depend on it…because they do.